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The Surprisingly,  Perennially Strong U S Economy

Mardi 8 décembre ★ The surprisingly, perennially strong US economy / Web conférence

Web Conférence en anglais | Mardi 8 décembre| 18h30 |Zoom | Présentée par François Huber*

The US economy has been an extraordinarily sustained success in living memory (few of us have memories of the Great Depression), unlike most other economies on Earth, so much so that it is almost taken for granted. Though not immune to downturns, it repeatedly bounces back with healthy, often stellar figures. How did that happen? What makes the US economy special and why is it so resilient? Is it nature or nurture? And could it go wrong?

*François Huber
Consultant international Président de Global Brittany

★ Gratuit | réservation obligatoire : cliquez ici | Attention les places sont limitées