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US Business Narratives Wp

★ Jeudi 11 janvier ★ American Business Narratives

Conférence en anglais par François Huber en partenariat avec WTC Rennes Bretagne | Jeudi 11 janvier 2024 – 18h30 | Auditorium de l’Institut franco-américain

American business practices loom large around the world. They are taught in business schools, shape thought leaders in boardrooms and situation rooms, and influence ideas about business, even for those not involved in strategic decision-making. But are they science or culture? In this conference in English by François Huber, international consultant and president of Global Brittany, we will identify some typical American business narratives, reflect on their cultural dimension (including whether they are suitable for non-US companies), and evaluate how they affect business performance in the current context.

In partnership with the World Trade Center Rennes Bretagne

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