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Interior Chinatown

★ Mardi 13 décembre ★ Interior Chinatown: When Asian-American Fiction Takes Center Stage

Conférence en anglais par Nawelle Lechevalier-Bekadar et Maëlle Jeanniard du Dot | Mardi 13 décembre 2022 – 17h00 | Grand Salon de l’Institut franco-américain

This presentation held by Nawelle Lechevalier-Bekadar and Maëlle Jeanniard du Dot (Université Rennes 2) proposes to discuss how writer Charles Yu, in his National Book Award-winning Interior Chinatown, stages Asian-ness and challenges age-old stereotypes into a highly playful and self-reflective novel. Placing Yu’s work within the larger context of Asian-American fiction and the history of Asian communities in the US, we will look at this bold narrative together and its place in the cultural and political landscape of post-Trump America.

Nawelle Lechevalier-Bekadar is an Associate Professor (professeure agrégée) at Université Rennes 2 and holds a Doctorate in American literature.

Maëlle Jeanniard du Dot is an Associate Professor (professeure agrégée) at Université Rennes 2 and a postgraduate researcher in postcolonial literature.

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