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Tony Sebastian Ukpo

Mardi 12 Novembre ★ Los Angeles Plays Itself

Conférence en anglais | 18h30 | Auditorium de l’IFA | Présentée par Tony Sebastian Ukpo*

*Tony Sebastian Ukpo is a Filmmaker and Photographer based in Rennes. His photographs are a mix of portraiture and documentary work, primarily on film. The body of work LOS ANGELES PLAYS ITSELF, is a series of photographs taken on 35mm black and white and colour slide film, inspired by the famous documentary of the same name, and is an exploration of the day to day life in the city and surrounding area.

★ Entrée libre – Grand Salon | Réservation conseillée :
+ Découvrez les photographies de Tony Sebastian Ukpo à la bibliothèque anglophone de l’IFA jusqu’au 21 décembre 2019.